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Playing one minute online: My 1500th Win

Playing one minute online: My 1500th Win

Nov 30, 2013, 7:31 PM 0
Hi everyone! I hope you are all well :)
Since my 1000th win, I have not played that much bullet. In 2013, I played even less, as it was time to move on from high school (In Quebec we have the CEGEP system, so I'm not quite in college yet!). A proof of that is the time between two blog posts! Sorry to keep you waiting.
Great news: I have taken up quick chess on chess.com again!! From the 27th of November up til now, I've played 144 chess games, 129 of which were bullet.

The first day was admittedly very difficult. With the provisional rating thing, every time you don't play for a very long time, your rating will rise/drop faster. Me being a 2100, I lost to a 2040 the first game and lost around 18 points, 8 more than the usual ten. To make matters worse, I forfeited against a titled player... I forgot that you cannot abort vs. them... so stupid. As you can see, my return was uninspiring.

However, after dropping 60 points that day, things began to click. Slowly but surely, I made my way back to 2100. In doing so, I also approached a 1500th win. I thought about filming it, but I didn't think it would be spectacular, like the 1000th game (See above).
It turned out to be more than amazing. It was nerve-racking, intense, stressful and well fought. I honestly do regret not filming this. Sorry guys.
My 1500th victim was Milica71. I checked and I own a slightly winning record vs. him prior to the match, 6-5. It was an instant classic.
Very quickly in the game, he seized a positional advantage. It soon turned material. I grasped on to the only thing left: time. Having to protect his queen from my minor pieces, I managed to make him hesitate with his moves, making mistake after mistake.
It was an ugly win, but very well fought and a beauty of a milestone.
I achieved the feat in around 2760 games, keeping my 54% win ratio the same as last time (1000 wins in 1848 games).
My blitz comeback is faring modestly with a 5-8-2 record in 15 games.
My standard, turn-based and Chess 960 is still awaiting a comeback.
I currently have a career best 2235 in bullet Cool

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