Student vs teachers vote chess match II

Student vs teachers vote chess match II

Nov 13, 2014, 6:03 PM |

November 4, 2014.

During that afternoon, the Marianopolis Chess Club hosted the second edition of the Students vs. Teachers OTB vote chess match. The student team consisted of a dozen players from the College. This time, the teachers team was severely depleted, with only two participants who were free to play in the rematch on that day.

However, spurned by their missed victory in the first match, the two teachers, Mr. M. Egan and Mr. J. Li pulled off an inspiring victory with some clutch play in the final minutes of the game.

Although the game ended in a checkmate for Black, the final moves occured so rapidly that I could not record them down.
This time, instead of voting, team members would huddle to convene on the best move, delegating one member to play on the official board. Each side had their own analysis boards set up.
Also new to this year, the Club imposed a 35 0 time control on the game so that it would be finished within the 75 minute Activity period. The teachers had 3 minutes on the clock and students one when the game was finished.
Overall, it was a very successful event. The teachers showed that strength beats number. Good game!
Hou Ji Yao
President of the Marianopolis Chess Club 2014-2015