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Sat. 21st Sept.

Sat. 21st Sept.

Sep 22, 2013, 7:25 PM 4

Photos of Ilan and of Branko weren't well taken by me - basic lighting mistakes, really - but I do like this one of Jeddah.  Thanks to all for your patience in allowing the eye of the camera.  I will ask again, as I love photos of people in that altered state of high concentration and creative thought!  Such pictures have the interest of enigma, I suppose, as you can see that a lot is going on inside, but you can only conjecture on the different ways people think, or visualise, or whatever it is.  Jeddah, for instance, describes herself as an auditory learner, so I wonder whether that might be an active part in her experience of this particular moment?

I will be away next Saturday, 28th Sept.

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