Me vs the World

Nov 8, 2009, 7:03 PM |

hi all,

This is my first blog post and I am going to post something interesting. Here what I have in mind, I am going to play a game against one opponent from each country in the world. I know maybe a lot of people already done it and I actually inspired by somebody doing the same in some chess blog. But here is my version of ME vs the WORLD.

Problem is my time is limited so I try to do this slow but steady. My first opponent, from Japan, is already accepted and moved the first move. let's see how can I stand a 2000 rated player. In the meantime I already sent challenge to nearby region, that is South Korea, China, Mongolia and Vietname. Yes, the Eastern Asia is the first region I going to invade!

Meanwhile here is my criteria in deciding who is my opponent:

1. Rated minimum 1450 so I can expected good game to being posted here.

2. Have a nice nickname represented the country unique

3. Must be active player

Anyone read this posted can comment and message me if you are interested to be my opponent!

I going to updated this post every I finished a game, or I just posted a new post for each game. Thanks for reading. Meanwhile check also my general chess blog at