Random games collection (from GM to WGM)

Sep 18, 2013, 4:58 PM |

This may looks like a random game collection, but actually I'm posting this just as a 'game viewer' support for my blogspot. Check the story as posted in http://red-white-chess.blogspot.com

Please notes, the annotations were all in Bahasa Indonesia.

Movsesian vs Kasparov 0-1 - see blogspot


Medina Aulia Warda vs Alexandra Goryachkina 1-0, Kocaeli Turki 2013 Round 5 - see my blogspot article


Alina Kashlinskaya vs Medina Aulia Warda 0-1, Kocaeli Turki 2013 Round 6 - see blogspot

Vassily Ivanchuk - Boris Gelfand 1-0 - see blog
Tal Memorial, Moscow 2009/11/12, Round: 7

Chelsie Monica Sihite vs Zhanna Karabayeva 1-0
C52- Evans Gambit Accepted , Kocaeli World Junior 2013 Turkey

Medina Aulia Wardana vs Sabina Ibrahimova 0.5-0.5
B38 Sicilian Accelerated Dragon, Kocaeli World Junior 2013 Turkey

World Championship 2013 - Carlsen vs Anand Round 3

World Championship 2013  - Carlsen vs Anand round 4

Ni Shiqun vs Irene Sukandar, Asian Continental 2014


to be updated regularly