Becoming A Sicilian Killer

Aug 14, 2011, 12:18 AM |

The best way to become a good chess player is to become a "balanced" chess player, meaning that you should be good at all aspects of chess skill, especially both positionally and tactically.

First reason is because there's no way you can avoid any one of them. Both of them always go hand in hand. Sooner or later they will appear at the same time at any stage of any game (whatever positional or tactical opening you choose). And your winning ticket could be in the ability to demonstrate one of these two skills.

Second reason is because the most effective and thus optimum result of any effort is if there is synergy between aspects of the effort. These aspects should reinforce each other.

The Sicilian is one of the most reliable opening, used by wide range of players, from low rated players to the highest rated players. It means that a Sicilian repertoire will never get obsoleted. And the probability to happen as the answer to 1.e4 is very high. Of course, the amount of variations to learn is also very huge, but often they share the same ideas and pattern.

The Sicilian is also a good example of both positional and tactical opening. You must excell at both positional and tactical play to be able to play it well.

So, isn't it very advantageous to become a Sicilian killer? Smile

I'm preparing myself to become a Sicilian killer. I'm not disclosing my study method right now, but I will just first post my game examples from each variations.

1. Beating The Najdorf Scheveningen

Like many other Sicilian variations, the secret is in the playing of the middlegame attack. They are all similar in pattern. That's why it is possible to find the "refutation". I play the Keres Attack against the Scheveningen, and in this game I thought my opponent was not an expert in the Sicilian so I gave him the same attack.

2. Beating The Dragon

I opted for 9.0-0-0 Yugoslav Attack. I believe this is the "refutation" to the Dragon.

3. Beating The Accelerated Dragon

I should have consistently picked the mainline that will give similar position with the Dragon. But I haven't worked out the drawing variations that can be enforced by Black so in the game below I opted for Maroczy setup that I don't really know the theory (and I made blunders)


4. Beating The Scheveningen

I opted for the Keres Attack.

5. Beating The Dragadorf (Najdorf-Dragon)