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“faith is to believe what you do not see”

Introducing Myself

I am RYAN DANIELLE P. UBANA, I’m born-again christian.  I’m only 15 years old but in my age I am a follower of JESUS CHRIST and I really like to  read His word. He sacrifice Himself so that His people will be save from their sins. I’m now 4th year high school  at St. John Fisher School also known as (SJFS) in Camella subdivision. My reason why I make this website it’s because I want to share the gospel of GOD and that’s it, thank you very much for visiting my website I hope you’ll enjoy!!!!

Favorite Book

I have read, and continue to read, lots of books. Reading for me is not just a hobby or an indispensable part of my life – it is a way of life. I usually spend at least 1 hours reading various and holy books. The Holy Bible (KJV,NIV) and sometimes about history.

Favorite Music

I usually listen to popular Christian music only to keep myself updated with Christian trends and because Christian music is very nice. It makes me relax and it feels good! in my body and spirit. I love diversity, even in music. Among my favorite music artists are the Hillsong united band and Maranatha singers, like the music “STILL” and POWER OF YOU LOVE etc..

Intellectual Interests

I am generally interested in knowledge about  computer science and all about tourism. I am confident when I’m talking about these topics: Asian history, Philippine history, world history, computer science and information technology. Because I want to improve my knowledge and learnings so I started to  read a lots of book.

Sports, hobbies and activities

When I’m bored I usually read a book, after I read I will play computer games sometimes. But sometimes  I play chess, basketball, badminton, table tennis, scrabble, tennis, game of the generals and domino etc….

            TodahElohim Yevarekh Otkha!!!