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The Art of Zen Chess

The Art of Zen Chess

Sep 25, 2008, 4:56 PM 1

I have my own blog? How cool is that?  Well, here we go, today's subject is zen chess.  And exactly what is zen chess?  To me, it means never having to study book openings!  I play chess for my own personal enjoyment, to read a book on the exact move to make in an opening is no fun at all.  I would rather have my brains beat out over and over again, until I learn not to make that same stupid move, than to read what move to make from some dead guy.  THAT to me is zen chess.  Does it work?  Ummm, to that I would have to say, it works for me.  I have a strong opening, it seems to give the "book" players a hard time.  And because of that I quite often beat players that are much higher rated.  Now, of course, that doesn't mean it happens all the time, otherwise my rating would be much higher.  And here is why I believe I beat this certain group of higher rated players.  When I play them, I am playing their books.  They have no independant thought until the middle game, or even later.  And so when you give them a solid, but maybe a little unorthodox opening, they get in trouble early on, instead of thinking about what their best move, or even strategy should be for that specific opening, they do what the books say to do.  So, what usually happens then, if they play me several more times, they start to pay attention to my opening, and begin to pick it apart using their own brains, instead of what some guy did 100 years ago.  So, there we have it.  If you think I am all wet, that's ok, let me know, and maybe we can play a game or 2.  I promise I won't look up your move in a book.

Next blog, I shall discuss the difference between playing online and in person.  By then I will know if I am just having a conservation with myself, or if anyone out there actually reads this stuff.  Ommmm.


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