A very exciting Icelandic Championship

A very exciting Icelandic Championship

FM zibbit
May 16, 2015, 1:13 PM |

A very exciting Icelandic Chess Championship for the year 2015 is underway. This year we probably have one of the strongest if not the strongest editions ever!

A remarkable 6 GM's are participating in this 12 players round robin. This tournament could have been even stronger if GM's Thorhallssson and Kristjansson hadn't withdrawn for personal reasons in the last days leading up to the tournament. At some point GM Helgi Olafsson was also contemplating participation. As it stands we still have six GM's participating and predicting what will happen here is almost impossible!

Throught 3 rounds we have 12-time champion GM Hannes Stefansson leading with 2.5 out of 3. Despite his 12 wins GM Stefansson has never won the championship with a member of the older generation participating. With the older generation I mean GM's Hjartarson and GM Arnason. Neither of them has played the Icelandic Championship for close to 20 years!

Other contenders for the crown are Iceland's most recent GM and #3 seed GM Hjörvar Steinn Grétarsson, 2011 and 1990 champion GM Héðinn Steingrímsson and one time champion Henrik Danielsen along with current champion IM Guðmundur Kjartansson. It's obvious that predictions here are almost worthless!

The first 3 rounds have seen ridicilous swings and surprising results. If you want to see some games you can always go to:

http://icelandicchesschampionship.com/live-games/ and select the round you want to look at.

I've written predictions and round reports and you can find the latest report here: http://icelandicchesschampionship.com/round-3-report-what-a-round/

With 8 rounds to go the only guaranteed things is total unpredictabilitly! From Thorfinnsson's round 2 ...Ne4!! miss going from a winning position to a lost one in two moves you will find even more drama in round 3 where you will witness miniatures, monumental blunders and some fantastic dynamic play!

Don't watch boring "Grand Prix" draws....watch some real GM action and human blunders in the dramatic Icelandic Championship!