Nakamura breaking records

Nakamura breaking records


Nakamura was in a fighting mood last night and played TONS of bullet chess here on First he became to my knowledge the first person to break 3000 with the new rating system and quickly reached a site record breaking 3005 bullet rating.

This you can see here:

This match he won 12.5 - 1.5 And went from 3005 to....3005 again! In between and before this he played some matches with NM Amazingoid and FM Raskolnnikov. Both he beat to zero with 20+ games...just amazing how he keeps focus in bullet where it's so easy to go wrong and make clumsy errors, he just doesn't slip up and WHEN he does the mistakes usually don't cost the game and he can recover and either win on time or come back.

I went to sleep...I then had to wake up early for work and saw that Nakamura was STILL playing!! When I woke up his score vs Eilyisum was about 123-8....they kept going till Nakamura reached his current record rating of 3080 which is just amazing!

Here is the tail end of that match:

With the way he dispatches guys with 2400-2600 bullet rating I guess next stop is 3100!