Septembers Blog

Sep 18, 2008, 10:17 AM |

Hello to my friends and chess family. Last month I spoke of making it to, and staying in the 1400's. Since then I have tasted the 1500's. I enjoyed this taste. Unfortunately I lasted there about 5 minutes. Thanks Wayne. I say all the time how I dont care if I win or lose as long as I play a well played game. Why then do I always look to my ranking? I wonder is it ego? Is my ultra competitive side sticking out its horns? Or is this simply the best way to gauge my improvement?

I have to rely on others to answer this. Am I a good loser? A good sport? Or am I one of those chessers who take this wonderful game too seriously? These are questions to which I want some answers. Or do I?

One last thing. I want my female opponents who try to distract me by sending topless photos of themselves to me to stop. Please no more topless pics to