Cry baby loses on time

Apr 7, 2014, 6:51 PM |

I just won a blitz on time and my opponenet started insulting me.

The game in itself isn't very interesting, I was winning at some point, before getting into time trouble, then I lost a rook because of a careless move, my opponent could have mated me on move 45 but didn't see it and eventually he lost on time, probably because I was better on my pre-moves.

I have no shame for winning like this, although I also have no pride, it's just part of the concept, especially in a blitz game. I don't enjoy it, as often both players start making senseless moves, but it's just the way it is. And I enjoy even less losing on time, in the same way, and it has happened to me numerous times.

So I can understand the anger and frustration, but insulting me for it is so childish. I'm pretty sure my opponent wins games like that too, and in this case I'm sure he accepts the idea that time control is an element of the game.

So, I can only suggest to play a different game if you can't accept this one at it is. Or for the least, try playing with a different time control, or with time increment : 5min + 2 sec/move gives you a much better chance of staying alive in the end.