live chess vs online chess

Dec 27, 2010, 9:23 PM |

I find it interesting how both services are offered here on this site, but, from what I can tell, most people seem to play one or the other primarily, usually with only a few completed games of their less favored type. Perhaps i only find this interesting because I myself seem to oscillate between the two. Often, while waiting for moves in a game of either sort, I will peruse the profiles of my opponents, where I may look to see if they play the other sort, and, if so, what their ranking is in that. Interestingly, I usually find that people with comparable ratings to mine in online chess, usually approx. 1400, will have blitz ratings of 1200-1400, while I have a blitz rating of approx. 1100. Now, I know ratings are not super important, but this must suggest that I make my decisions too quickly, or some other factor exists within playing blitz that prevents me from playing to my potential, as judged by other players' similar online ratings. But this all gets back to the division between the two types.

When "in the mood" for blitz, one of two factors must be in place. The first concerns my ADD. I take a drug (prescription!) to treat my ADD, and the vast majority of the time I play blitz, I have taken that drug. On a few rare occasions, I may be sipping on a beer at home when the stars align and I decide to play blitz. But otherwise, playing blitz chess online honestly strikes me as the last thing in the world I want to do. But the first thing in the world I want to do, strangely, is play my online correspondence games.

Now my ADD is preventing me from wanting to continue this conversation, and it's compelling me to make my online moves! But i will press on!

So I think the reason people tend towards one type of online chess delivery method is because a person has to painfully focus on a live game. A standard time control game becomes terribly boring if the person you play takes a really long time while making terrible moves, or whatever. For that reason, blitz and bullet please chess players so much, because, yes, you must focus, but it will end soon no matter what. Well, I can't even focus for 3 minutes, sans medicine, so I like correspondence. But as soon as I take that medicine, i will neglect my correspondence games.