A Slow LIVE 90|30 Revolution on Chess.com

A Slow LIVE 90|30 Revolution on Chess.com

May 11, 2014, 5:22 PM |

Here are some useful information for anyone who wants to participate in the «The Americas' Slow LIVE Chess Week-End Championship»


Saturday, May 31; round 1 @ 12:00 USA ET; round 2 @ 17:00 USA ET;

Sunday, June 1; round 3 @ 12:00 USA ET; round 4 @ 17:00 USA ET; 

Time control?


Can I request BYES?


Do I have to (or can I) negotiate the day & time of the games?


How to sign up for it?

One can do it directly here. Once inside this (sub)group, simply get to the Sign Up Forum and post your related comment. Please read the instructions, as this is a rather unknown and new concept that has never been employed in the internet history . One needs to know how to proceed to participate!

Can I register late?

Yes. The deadline for signing up is Saturday, May 31 @ 10:00 USA ET. This is 2 hours before the first round begins.

I see that the times suit the Americas' time zones pretty well. Will it be something similar dedicated to other prople from other time zones around the world?

Yes, as long as this first experience here is conclusive. Please note that anyone from anywhere can participate. If there's a round that one can't physically play, one should request a BYE (or more)

Good chess!