Pearl Harbor Chess Club

৪ জন সদস্য
১৯ জুল, ২০২১
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  • The Pearl Harbor Chess Club represents the city of Pearl City in the World Cities League. You must fly the United States flag at all times in order to join daily matches in this club.
  • NO CHEATING will be TOLERATED. No chess engines can be used during any rated chess games.
  • NO NEGATIVE OR DEROGATORY COMMENTS are allowed to be posted anywhere. NO SPAM.
  • If you play in team matches, NO RESIGNING when the going gets rough. Also NO DRAWS because you are tired of playing. In chess, you play to WIN.
  • Pearl Harbor Chess Club meets Tuesday's 6-8P at the Hickam Library. First hour is chess lesson. Last hour is free play. Meet other chess players. Bring your chess set