ডায়মন্ড সদস্য কোচ

Hello, chess friends! I am GM Petar G. Arnaudov

My best skill as a chess coach is that I know what is necessary to start from amateur and to become a grandmaster and I am sharing this experience with my students. 



About me: 

Born in 1986 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

Currently living in The Hague (The Netherlands)

IM since 2009

GM since 2013

Co-founder of Modern chess

Commentator for Chessbomb

Opening articles:  Modern Chess, New In Chess, Chessbase Magazine

8 years coaching experience with GMs, club players, amateurs, kids

Playing experience:

I have been playing all over the world for more than 10 years.

I was part of Bulgarian National team in 2013.

Current team champion of Bulgaria.

Winner of dozen of international tournaments.

Currently playing for over 10 team championships in Europe.


Teaching methodology: 

Individual program for each student. 

Materials in .pgn 

Homework after each lesson.

Building an opening repertoire according to your style + explanation of all tactical and positional ideas. 

A course of all typical pawn structures. 

Endgame courses. 




Club Admins ১,৭৯৮ জন সদস্য
Chess University ৯৫,৮৫৭ জন সদস্য
Grandmaster Blitz Battle Championship ১০৩ জন সদস্য
European Chess Union ৫,০৮২ জন সদস্য