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I am an international Master with a 2502 Fide rating. I started playing chess when I was 6 years old. Since then I am an active chess player myself. I was born and raised in Tbilisi, Georgia where chess is a very popular and extremely significant sport. Georgian Olympic men's and women's teams are very competitive and have earned several medals throughout the years. I was 15 times National Champion across several different age categories and captain of the Georgian team at the World Youth Chess Olympiad. I was a member of the prestigious men's Olympic team in 2018, which was an honor for me to represent my country. I was the World Vice champion under 12 world championship. I have won many international tournaments. I gained my International Master title in 2017 and currently, I have 2 International Grandmaster norms, just missing 1 more norm to get the highest title possible in chess.

Chess accomplishments led me to join the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Chess team, which ranks as one of the best university chess teams in the United States. During my stay here, we won the State championship three times and became National Champions. In 2019 I've got 1st place in the Houston Open and in 2020 3rd place in the Southwest Class Championship. I tied for 2nd at the 51st annual Continental Open.

I was working as a middle and high school chess instructor in Georgia. I continue my coaching career at the University of Rio Grande Valley and I am currently providing lessons in person as well as online. I am willing to share as much as I can with my students.

I have 6-year experience in coaching. I was working with kids aged 6-15 in schools in Georgia and had in-person classes with kids at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. My experience with online classes is wider. I have students of all age categories and on different levels of play. As an active player myself, I believe, I can provide technical aspects of chess and with hard work, we can elevate your skills and quality of play!

My main aim is to teach students not only basic Chess Ideas and dogmatics but to improve their creativity and way of thinking too. I think it's very important in chess to be able and develop new Ideas and Individuality. I think the most important part of studying chess is to identify students' weaknesses and strengths and with developing a plan to address these issues. It is very important not to make the same mistakes twice.
Teaching methodology depends on students and their individuals.
The lesson includes opening preparation, game analysis, calculation techniques, and Endgame skills.

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