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I’m Bill, completed 50 in 2021.

I learnt chess from my friend when I was 13; the year was 1984.

I clearly remember that evening; I rushed to my father and asked for my own chess set. He brought it the very next day! I played with him a lot in just two years, but, never won a single game! He passed away when I was 15.

Chess does fresh my mind. I forget everything while playing it! I play for fun and enjoyment! Rating is not so important for me at all! Win or lose is a part of the game, I believe.

I participated in an only (city) tournament in 1995, in which I badly lost the game in the first round, and did not even attend the remaining rounds!

I join clubs if get any invite... sometimes I apply for a club... stay in there for some period... if it doesn't click/match then I quit quietly! If there are 40+ ongoing games on my list; I'm not available for more games. However, I always keep the alerts on for my clubs and receive/read all notifications/alerts/notes/news for the matches/tournaments. I join there by myself as and when my clubs indeed require my participation.

I’m a Graphic Designer, designing logos mainly. You can message me if you’d like to have a club/personal logo, or even a business logo.

See you!

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