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Casual puzzle battle player - I do not accept friend requests from people I do not know (unless they are also good at puzzle battle haha)

Puzzle record: 40, achieved on 28/7/21:


Old puzzle record: 39, achieved on 1/7/21:

Came 5th in June Season 2021 in the final standings:

Came 6th in the July 2021 Final Standings (by 4 points lmaooooooo):


Plus also was incredibly lucky to have the chance to be suitably trolled by the legend Naroditsky himself:


Aim to reach 40 in puzzle battle by the end of the month - let's make this a reality! Puzzle battle pro team, here I come happy.png (UPDATE: Reached 40 at almost exactly the end of the month - about to send application to the team as I type this grin.png grin.png)

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