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Hello everyone! I am a 18 year old male who lives in the greatest place on earth, Florida. I am on the chess grind hoping to get a Title in a few years. I am a Christian and happy to talk about it.. God has done so much in my life and given me so much. I grew up homeschooling and really loved it. Learning is awesome unless It is math. Science is definitely my favorite. I am a big Boston Celtics fan and love watching the NBA. As you can see above I am a streamer make sue to check out that link! My favorite artists are NF, Skillet, and Tom Macdonald. I stand with our first responders and veterans. They do so much and are so selfless. I hate the woke agenda and everything similar. End abortion. Here is a game where i played a Brilliant move vs Hikaru. Bf3!!, I know i hung mate but you try playing Hikaru and see how it goes.

Untitled Tuesday
Untitled Tuesday ৩,৪৬৬ জন সদস্য
CHT Official Chess Team
CHT Official Chess Team ৩৪ জন সদস্য
Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League
Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League ১,৪১০ জন সদস্য
STL CC ৬৫ জন সদস্য
4 Player Chess
4 Player Chess ২৭,২০২ জন সদস্য