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My "crafty" nature can be over the board but it is also in making crafts.  I sew, quilt, crochet, knit and machine embroidery.


My husband and I are both retired now living in our 36 foot 5th wheel RV.   Three quarters of the year we are exploring the vast USA.   With our home towed behind us, it is easy to live anywhere where we can park for the night. We like Florida in the winter months but still want to see more of this grand country. In Spring 2009 we began our journey traveling to Houston, TX then north to South Dakota then East to Michigan.   Each year we visit some of the same places but also new adventures traveling an average of 7000 miles each March-October. We don't know where we will stop or how long we will stay in any one place. Travel is dependent on many factors including weather, health and breakdowns etc.; there are always obstacles to overcome or endure, so our adventures continue.  Laughing  Life has its challenges; it is how we respond to those challenges that matters most and keeps life interesting.  We make the best of it and keep smiling. 

We continue our travels in March 2017 and expect to go where the fishing is good!   Happy trails to you...

Update, I am recovering from Lumbar surgery so our travels have been postponed until spring 2020  in the meantime we are in Florida!  Winters here are sunny, summers are hot, muggy and rainy.

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