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Hello! I'm Ilija Stanojevic, a FIDE Master with over 4 years of experience coaching beginners. My lessons are structured in a series of at least 10 sessions, tailored to your needs. After evaluating your current understanding of chess, I will create a personalized plan to address the most critical areas. Let's get started!

🎯Feel free to check my website here for more details:

🎯In November 2023 I was coach of the month

Teaching Experience

-4 years of private lesson experience
-Simultaneous exhibition against 15 people

Playing Experience

-I am current in my peak FIDE 2317 ( FIDE profile )
-Played more than 100 International tournaments
-Participate in European and World Youth Championships 

Recent Tournaments

Spain,Alicante Open 2024 ( 68th place of 410 participants ): Results
France,Noisiel Open 2024 ( 19th place of 89 participants ): Results
Czech, Prague Open 2024 ( 5th place of 248 participants ): Results
Banja Luka Open 2024 ( 2nd place of 28 participants ) : Results


- More than 100 students worldwide
- The youngest one is 5 years old from US   

Some results from students:

+800                                           +400                                            +230



1 lesson = 60
10 Lessons = 500 € (You save 100) + analyzing your games + additional files and homework (More benefits for long term students)
More details about pricing you can check here:

If you want to here more about my chess coaching program you can message at

More Students progress in USCF

Hiro Uchiyama from Japan ( From 1168 to 1520 classical rating in 7 months )

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