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২ জুলাই, ২০১৩
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Dec 28, 2019

Hi my name is mahdi makaremi(makarami) in persian:مهدی مکارمی Garry Kasparov ,Magnus Carlsen and Alexander Alekhine are my favourite chess players.Im from iran and Glambert.Im playing chess from 2011.I never cheat but i accept cheaters game request becasue i like playing against players or engines higher than myself.i like tacticly play and i try to learn more tactics every day.I like playing agaisnt strong titled players(+2200)becasue playing against strong players is the best way to improve my skills------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skype & Snapchat ID: mahdimak1 / Facebook Account: mahdi makaremi / Instagram ID: mahdimakkk / Telegram,Whatsapp,Viber,imo and Tango by phone number: +989370256323 *glad to have you on my messengers.thank you*

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