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                    EVERYONE CALLS ME MASTER2202 SO I NAMED MYSELF                                CHESSMASTER2202 

I will always accept friend requests and Clubs if someone invites me! But if anyone can give me membership then also I will join that club or friend request! If someone blocks me then I have to also block them and report about them but I will report then also when they did something to me and I didn't did anything and they still blocks me then I will still report about them! 

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10. I Missed No.5

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Thanks for viewing me fully!

The end

My goal is to become a top chess player

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I am @GM_Chessmaster2202, I am a very active person. I love chess, I started playing when I was 5 years old but still learning. I love inspirational quotes. If you can, please share some with me.

"I don't like to be treated like a slave" If you do, then even if you're my best friend, I will be forced to block and never talk with you.

I love science and maths.

I like fictional & action movies.

I am a rebel.

I have budgies (A kind of bird) & a Golden Retriever dog which I love so much

I am a District level champion in athletics.

I am just an ordinary human, I am not an epic, nothing special about me.

I don't really want to say more about me, Let me be a stranger to you. 

Feel free to send me a friend request & follow me, also chat or message me.

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