Note: I have my notes set to "everyone". If you're not on my friend's list, I will not be able to respond to you. I will accept all friend requests.


1. Join Road to GM, I got a membership from them! It isn't my club, but it's very fun! (I'm also a former super admin)

 2. Join Cooler Chess, my own club I made that is kinda inactive but very organized! It has around 50 members! Need a membership? Join our league! We are hosting membership competitions in the future.

About Me

I'm a 11-year-old kid named Grady. I like to play basketball, clarinet, piano, and mostly, chess. I also like to run clubs on I am busy at the moment, so I might not accept your club requests. However, if you want to chat, feel free to message me!


Puzzles: Goal: 3200 before January 1, 2022

Blitz: Goal: 1600 before Feburary 15, 2022

Bullet: Goal: 1900 before January 31, 2022

- Road to GM  -
- Road to GM - ২,৯৯৭ জন সদস্য
Anti-Parrot Faction
Anti-Parrot Faction ৭১ জন সদস্য
ᄃレひ乃 Wム尺丂
ᄃレひ乃 Wム尺丂 ২৫১ জন সদস্য
Road To GM - Senate
Road To GM - Senate ২৬ জন সদস্য
Thousand Oaks Chess Club
Thousand Oaks Chess Club ১৫৯ জন সদস্য