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             I am Harshal Patil from Maharashtra, India. I am an active professional chess player and chess coach too. feel free to contact me here on chess com or mail me at Harshalp1236@gmail.com. I can take online classes via skype/ zoom or google hangout.                     

In our 1st lecture, we will find out about the main weakness and then we can start working on it properly. Weakness differs from person to person. Apart from that following are the general improvement tools which we will work on a regular basis : ) 

I can help you with
1. Ability to recognize Chess pattern much more effectively.
2. In-depth analysis of openings. 
3. Work on specific weaknesses after doing games analysis.
4. Keeping you motivated and focused throughout the learning cycle.
5. Helping to deal with Losing streaks.
6. Endgame study. How to outplay in equal material positions.
7. Helping you set realistic goals and targets for yourself 
8. Time management
and much more : )