1. One day the people that don’t even believe in you will tell everyone how they met you. – Johnny Depp
  2. Yesterday you said tomorrow. Just do it. – Nike
  3. Never let your emotions overpower your intelligence. – Drake
  4. Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud. – Maya Angelou
  5. Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are. – Kurt Cobain
  6. The time is always right to do what is right. – Martin Luther King Jr.
  7. A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world. – Atticus
  8. Life becomes easier when you learn to accept the apology you never got. – R. Brault
  9. Change the game, don’t let the game change you. – Macklemore
  10. The meaning of life is to give life meaning. – Ken Hudgins
  11. Normality is a paved road: it’s comfortable to walk but no flowers grow. – Vincent van Gogh
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