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Hello everyone! It's New Year again! First of all, wish you a Happy New Year! Moving forward, let's check what's new! Please click, "more" to read forward! happy.png

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So, basically this year has been too tough for almost all sports! Though we are still playing online chess, everyone wants to have on-board tournaments which I'm not sure when are going to start in India, in other countries I might guess they have started but not many as they used to be earlier. It's been a tough year indeed and we hope everything comes back to road fully and the vaccination of Covid-19 as well. Moving forward, let's check what's new! Please click, "more" to read forward!  happy.png

So, it's JuniorJumper here welcome you to my profile! I'm a Youtuber, Blogger and an enthusiastic chess player! If you're new be sure to send a "hi" down below in the comments to let me know whom you are happy.png I'm an active guy on Chess.com and play almost everyday. I like to do puzzles and enjoy doing puzzle rush & battles as well as they are fun! I really love the membership than anyone could because once I get the membership I don't want to waste any day of it and use it to the fullest in doing Chess.com unlimited puzzles, drills, making some use of the things that the non-membership person can't do so! I'm a friendly guy as well so you shouldn't hesitate in hitting that friend request button and feel free to ask any question to me!

A big thanks to @Top-Gifter & @KevinBorg for gifting me each 1 month free memberships, your support is much appreciated. If you'd like to see your name here or just happy with me, please gift me a membership! (any one is fine).

Now, moving forward, I have a plenty of useful and trustable friends on Chess.com which I'd like to mention, and they are as follows:

@CongoratsUlost2me , @AlexKung18 , @shresthmah , @EnergeticHay , @1b31-O and many more! I might've forgot mentioning someone, but as I have so many friends it's hard to write everyone's name but I update it each month so your name could come next month! Many of my friends have closed their account as well for several reasons which I'm sad of as well.

Besides these, I have plenty of goals that I'd love to complete in this new year 2021. All the goals are been mentioned below and they'll be updated on 2nd of each month! happy.png

           GOALS                                                            DONE/NOT DONE         COMPLETED ON     

1. Reach 3,600 in Puzzles                                 

2. Reach 75 in Surivial mode of Puzzle Rush  

3. Reach 40 in 3-min mode of Puzzle Rush

4. Reach 45 in 5-min mode of Puzzle Rush

5. Reach 2575 in Bullet 

6. Reach 2450 in Blitz

7. Reach 2300 in Rapid

8. Reach 1950 in Daily

9. Reach 1525 in Live 960

These goals are set up to 29th December, 2021 but if I'm more faster, then I could add a few more goals to this list to be completed on Chess.com. Now let's see what are my goals of views, followers and points sort of stuff. 

   BESIDES GOALS                                      DONE/NOT DONE                    COMPLETED ON 

1. Reach 8,000 Views

2. Reach 1,400 Followers

3. Reach 13,000 Points

These are my goals on Chess.com setup, can be changed each month and once I finish any of these, I'll update the description! Now, let's get in for some more interesting things coming up!

Now, in  the last I also have some very important news and links to share! I have many links to share below:

My Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCglxAZ1RnNtCKtA9hVAFRhg 

My Twitch.tv Channel: https://www.twitch.tv/chesopedia trophies.png

My blogs: https://www.chess.com/blog/JuniorJumper trophies.png

My club: https://www.chess.com/club/alexander-alekhine-chess-club trophies.png

Also, I'm an intro maker, photo maker, editor, and a club designer. If you want a photo to be made, a video to be edited, a club to be made and designed and you want to be the owner of it, or just want to make an intro for yourself and your work, you're exactly at the place where you should be! I can make all these things for you at a very less price of Chess.com trophies (no money to be paid) or just at ₹5 for you! If you want to contact me for these stuffs then join this club here. If you like me and my profile description please follow me and give a thumbup.png in my notes! 

That's it for now, if you enjoyed, that's a pleasure for me and hope to see you forward! Do send me a friend request draw.png and challenge me unrated whenever I'm online blitz.pngbullet.png, live.png!

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