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Hello! I am Grandmaster Karen Grigoryan, I am in Top 30 of the world with my blitz rating! https://2700chess.com/blitz?per-page=100       Currently I have the World's highest Chess Performance Ever with 3103 elo!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfk18H1zlVE       

Professional coach of several International and Grand Masters                             

Whatsapp Number +34674673257

Gmail GMKarenGrigoryan@gmail.com

Olympic Esports Series - Trials
Olympic Esports Series - Trials ৯,১৭০ জন সদস্য
Champions Chess Tour 2023 - Play-In
Champions Chess Tour 2023 - Play-In ১,৪১৮ জন সদস্য
The Woodchuck Warriors
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The United Chess Nations
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More Than Conquerors
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