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Frustrated by a lack of progress? Uncertain as to how you can make sustained improvement? Confused by the multitude of resources and openings? Let me help you! My name is Shane McCabe. I've been playing chess for over thirty years and a chess coach since 2015, having coached in dozens of schools in London. A self taught non master player, I am very familiar with the problems faced by beginners and intermediate players seeking to improve their game. I am currently accepting students and offer a free 30 minute trial lesson for potential students! If this is of interest, message me here or contact me on

  • I offer lessons to both adults and children from complete beginners up to 1700 grade.

  • During lessons I mainly focus on tactical ability/training, game reviews (mainly your games, sometimes other games/positions to illustrate an idea/tactic) pattern recognition, calculation and positional concepts.

  • I'm a strong believer in "a little and often" as the best road to improvement, and am confident that, irrespective of their current grade, students can improve their chess mainly through tactical practice and game reviews. The first will improve both your ability to calculate and your "board vision". The second will highlight recurring mistakes in your games, both bad moves and also missed opportunities.

  • My highest FIDE grade was 1916 and my highest grade on was 2129. As "plateauing" is  one of the most difficult problems for players, usually with limited time, to overcome, I look forward to sharing the techniques and ideas that helped me improve.

  • Lessons can be hosted on Skype or Zoom.

  • RATES :   €30 per hour.  €125 for five hours booked in advance.

Testimonials :

"We have only positive words to say for Shane's approach and effort. I don't think we would find a better or more committed coach and we would thoroughly recommend you to any other parents." Dave and Sara A (London)

"I look forward to my lessons with Shane every week. Ever since he's been teaching me, my chess has got better and better. I recently learned the Sicilian defence, and several new openings, and after putting them into practice, my online ratings keep going up." Gabriel S (London)

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