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My name is Klas and Klas is Swedish short form for Nikolaus. I live with my family in the Midsouth of Sweden, Götaland, land of the Goths (though it is most likely that the historical Goths did not come from Sweden but the Baltic Sea area in general, and several other places before they  turned up in the Roman Empire). We have two boys born 2005 and 2011.


 I have studied History, Geography and Archaeology at the University and often discuss history with others who are intrested, but also genealogical research.


I am also interested in the nature and the climate. The winter 2010 was one of the coldest for ages (see pictures in my albums) but the Summer(and also Summer 2011) was very hot with temperatures up to 34-35 degrees Celcius (After Anders Celcius a Swedish astronomer e.tc.) in the shade, and that is hot for Sweden. I have a lot of albums with picture of birds, flowers and landscapes. Hope you enjoy them.  


 As a boy I learned to play chess by my grandfather (perhaps also some by my dad) who learned chess when he worked in the army in the 1920's.



 I have played chess in a club for a shorter period and some years ago I started to play again but this time online. I think my chess (and English) has improved a lot since I joined this site.


 Good luck with your game.



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