Lichess username is louieluigi

FIDE ID 30995345

NCS ID N06267612 Rating 1198

I play chess because it helps me with strategy playing video games. I like chess.com because it makes chess like playing a video game. I love getting chess.com passports from other countries. I like getting awards and using emojis 🗿🏯🏆🥇😀

I am an ADMIN for Hawaii so it is my job to know all of our fantastic players.  

The books I am currently reading are:

1. The official rules of chess 7th edition by Tim Just so I can pass my USCF local tournament director test soon.
2. Storming the Royal Fortress by Soviet Chess Master Baranov so I can improve my chess middle game
3. Rook Endings by Gregory Levenfish and Vasily Smyslov so I can improve my chess end game.

4. The Grunfeld Defence by William R. Hartston because I want to know more defences for black.

5. The Life and Games of Mikhail Tal because I want to know what it takes to be a World Champion.

6. Sokolski  Opening by David Levy because I want to know some unusual openings.

7. The Reti Opening because I want to understand hypermodernism.

8. The Method of Preparing for Competition by Michael Botvinnik because I would like to play in the US Chess Open.

9. Chess Life Magazine

I am training to do live team matches with other countries with my chess coach. It is fun to collect the passports from other countries.

Honolulu Chess Club
Honolulu Chess Club ৬৩ জন সদস্য
Hawaii Chess Club
Hawaii Chess Club ১০৬ জন সদস্য
Team Hawaii
Team Hawaii ১২৮ জন সদস্য
Fussa Chess Club
Fussa Chess Club ১৯ জন সদস্য
Team Hawaii Live
Team Hawaii Live ৬৩ জন সদস্য