All you need to know about me

  1.  My real name is Luan✨
  2.  I love chess♟️
  3. I'm very kind and friendly 
  4. I accept all friend requests 
  5.  I usually don't reply to weird ppl 
  6. Normally I don't join garbage clubs
  7. You can talk to me in Spanish, Portuguese, English or French
  8.  I love Russia and Russian literature. My favorite Russian writer is Turgenev
  9.  I support Palestine 
  10.  I'm communist ⚒️
  11.  I always support my friends 
  12.  My fav chess players are Karpov, Botvinnik, Capablanca, Fisher and Lasker

      That's all,folks👋😑

*Do NOT join my club if u don't speak Portuguese or Spanish

Clube de Xadrez Raffael Chess
Clube de Xadrez Raffael Chess ৫৯,২৭৯ জন সদস্য
The Deadline Dominators
The Deadline Dominators ৪৬ জন সদস্য
Burger-kitty ৫৯৩ জন সদস্য
Onl1ne DA Control
Onl1ne DA Control ৫২ জন সদস্য
Ellies Bubbly Club
Ellies Bubbly Club ৪৫৯ জন সদস্য