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১১ জানু, ২০১৯
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My favorite song gold.png

Hello my name is sella. Im a girl 18 years old. 31 may my birthday. Always thanks to the god 

I have lichess account too. You can find it in lichess. https://lichess.org/@/white_girl

Special thanks for my lovely sister : ♥ Dragon_Fangs. 

The most kind person in chess.com : chesspawn.png GM_magnus_kingdom, thanks for him, he gave me diamond membership diamond.png, i never beg or ask him to give me free membership, please dont ask/beg him to give you a free premium membership, only he can choose not you! dont dare force him to give free membership,!!! he is part of my family now, he is not comfortable if you beg or ask him to give free premium membership!

Dont forget join his club. Heres the link 

You have chance to get free premium membership diamond.png. If you join that club. See you there 

My second father :  friends.png eivindkristian he like my dad in real life 

My teacher and the best friend, beside my sister :  coaches.png geracarp

My best friend : draw.png RimuruTempest100

Thank you so much for him. He keep be friend with me even i told the truth and fact about me. Super person

My best personal moderator : computer.png MainframeSupertasker, he is my hacker Lol 

Thanks for all my good friends. I cant mentions you one by one Because you all are my good friends Keep play and be nice happy.png

For female hunters. Im so sorry. Im just want to play chess. You can be friend with me. But if you are abuse i will report it or blocked you.

Heres a video for pervert guy

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