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i'll add it here... if i unfriended you it was for a reason... 

trying to keep my friends list below 45... if you are on that list, that must mean i truly care for you or i wish we could become better friends <3

here are some facts about me...

 - i like running (some cross-country) and soccer

- i've played the violin for 5 years... (and i still suck... )

- i am a pretty good artist, my mediums are acrylic and sketch

- i love marvel movies (tony stark+natasha romanoff are my favorites)

- kpop multistan~~

i would love to talk with you about anything kpop related c:

(for my armies out there - BTS Stans! please join lmao, we are super active)

Pin by KpopMultiFandom on [STRAY KIDS] ♥️ Lee Know (Minho) | Stray kids  minho, Lee know, Lee know stray kids why am i so obsessed with eyes like look at his in this pic | Dreamies, Nct 为了肖俊 ♡ ปิดด่าน on Twitter: "ทุกคนคะรบกวน copy และ reply ให้หน่อยได้มั้ยคะ  ขอบคุณมากๆเลยค่ะ 🙏 Xiaojun great Xiaojun generous Xiaojun cute Xiaojun  live Xiaojun Instagram Xiaojun handsome Xiaojun singing Xiaojun vocals  Xiaoajun dance Xiaojun baby Just The Way You Are | Blackpink jisoo, Blackpink, Blackpink photos 

(istg how can anyone be this perfect)

also, thank you to everyone who wished me well today! your words mean so much! TT <3 (10/19)


(one of my fav b-sides... <3)

- here's something a good friend had made for me...


- here's a quiz about me!! take it (with your username so i know who you are!). record holders are the one and only v~~

- thanks to @Hobi_Mochi (come back soon... ilysm), @Ruby_D (don't you dare close your account), @ErrOr_404Pgn (mixed feelings?), @NainikaV (you're so spirit...full! uwu) and @K_Simonson (yo, wassup) for talking to me when I'm bored <33

shameless plug: pinterest - foxinthesnow2 friend me on discord!! meggycat#5609  follow me ya coward. wattpad - meggycat2

i wish i had something meaningful to say... know that im here for you if you anyone wants to talk <3


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