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Dec 12, 2020

Chess is a game. Chess is a battle. Chess is war. It is art, science, logic, and beauty. Chess is the ultimate contest between two minds. Chess is the mental torture of one's opponent, and the mental torture of oneself. Chess is drama. It is tragedy. It is tears and frustration. Chess is despair. Chess is laughter, joy, and triumph. Chess is a friendship formed through a contest. Chess is 16 pieces, 32 men, 64 squares. It is openings and endgames, tactics and strategy. Chess is combinations. Chess is planning. Chess is the sharpening of the mind, the exercise of the brain. Chess is thinking. Chess is pure thought. Chess is tension, toil, and strife. Chess is losing. Chess is winning. Chess is beating and being beaten. Chess is where all excuses fail. Chess is a hobby, a mania, a fixation. Chess is an addiction. Chess is a waste of time. Chess is a distraction. Chess is passion. Chess is truth. Chess is life. -- Daniel White

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