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Hi! My name is Abe. I've been teaching chess for over 9 years. My rating peak is 1945 USCF ("Class 'A' player") and I give chess lessons both in-person and online. I'm extremely beneficial for players in the beginner/intermediate stage, and also to advanced players of up to around 1900 (I also enjoy teaching the variant of chess960!). Being a native speaker, I give fun, engaging lessons in intelligent yet clear English. Please feel free to message me or email me about times. Rates start at $50 for a half-hour and $90 for a full hour. Thank you and looking forward to playing with you!




I now analyze games explaining them as a human, not as a computer! The game will come with written commentary explaining the themes, combinations, blunders, and tactics of your game. $70 for a full game - discounts available for multiple games. 



1 commentated game: $30

We will play through a game between both of us as I commentate and analyze move by move. A friendly and interesting experience. Generally 25-30 minutes in duration.

1 commentated historical game: $30

I will walk you through a historical game played by masters or grandmasters and give you my thoughts, analysis, and assessment of the game. An interesting and fun historical lesson! Generally 25-30 minutes in duration.

1 skill assessment: $20

We will either play a short game, or run through several tactical positions, and I will watch how you approach them, solve them, and give you my thoughts on your skills after the class ends. I will also tell you what parts of your game you might be able to improve. 15-20 minutes in duration. Definitely fun! 

Beginner Bundle Package: $200

A package of 3 different 1-hour classes that will give a broad overview of chess for the beginner, from openings, tactics and middlegame play, all the way to endgame strategies. A really great summation of the basics of chess. Only for players rated less than 1300! 


Abe has taught me a lot in chess. He is very patient and understandable. If you want to improve in chess, Abe would be the right person to turn to. 

-Shimon Z.

Very patient with my kids and really spent the time understanding each child's way of learning.

-Joseph S.

He really explained things so clearly to me. I never enjoyed playing chess so much in my life as when Abe "played" against me while instructing me as I made each move. I highly recommend him as an instructor.

-William T.

Edit: As of 12-30-2020, I am ranked in the 99.9th percentile on chess.com for rapid ratings, and in the top 3,500 people on a website of millions! Of course, this is not an OTB (Over The Board) rating, but I still found it fun to know! 

Edit: Before the end of 2020, I wanted to try to get my ratings above 2000. And now, for the first time in my entire history on chess.com, I managed to get all three of my ratings above 2000! I wanted to do this because with the pandemic, I haven't played in any live tournaments. I wanted to stay fresh, and stay competitive, and doing this allowed me to enjoy competing virtually over the computer. So even though my ratings might fluctuate, this was a personal goal of mine that I'm proud of and wanted to share with everyone! Hope you enjoy.  

All three ratings!

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