Hii all!!

Little request 👇 

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Rose Blossom

      Some information about me❤️   

My name is Silvia. My nicknames are Sweetie, Kitty, Mia. I love cats and rabbits a lot! I will always be kind to you. Here's my great friends 💕💕 I want you all to

                              My Best Besties

@Idyllic-A - She is very friendly and sweet (my bestiee) I really like her a looot! 100/100 would recommend to be friends with her!! She is my best friend in💞💖💖 🍓 my bff

Her name- Aletta

@GhostDivision1945_Sabaton-  He is very very sweet, kind and friendly and the best BF ever!!  

His name- Austin       

   @Angela_D - Always asks how I am I and is soooooooo sweet and friendly. She tries to make me happy whenever I am sad 🤗her name -Angela

   Nice Friends 😁

@AngelaPlayzChess - she is very sweet and nice🙂, even when I make mistakes ❤️One of my besties here 🤗

Her name- Angela

@Lilyana - She is very sweet and always tells whenever she is going to be inactive.💖💖 Sweet and kind person ❤️ Consider friending her for sure 😊 

Her name - Lilyana 

                             Cool people😎

@ava-ava  -  Was a great friend , I hope she comes back 😭 

Name - Ava

@danii-78  - Wow!! I am really amazed how nice she really is❤️ she is a good friend and I hope she come back. 😥

Name - Aaaliya

   My big brothers🧑🏻

@TheLegend_Abhiraj_2010 - My big brother!!

Helping a lot. 

Name - Abhiraj

@Abhinavbhaiaw  - Naughty brother, banned for a reason idk 😶 

DM me the word 'icecream' for an award! (Only friends) 

I love strawberry 🍓 🍓 yummy 😋 

DM me if you love them too🍓❤️

Buddy meter☝️⬆️My buddymeter quiz.

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