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Hello there!   I'm Tejaswi from Karnataka.

Here's how I got here: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________

First , I learnt chess from my dad. My dad kept beating me every single time we played.  He never took it easy on me. After I showed interest in chess, he put me in a local coaching class where I practised for an year. Then I got put into more advanced training for 2 years. Afterwards, We turned to chess.com which helped us a lot in understanding this beautiful mind game. And that's exactly how I landed here!


And now, I beat my dad every single time, which would have never happened if my dad hadn't motivated me, take it easy on me.


And also thank you, chess.com for creating such a wonderful chess platform, which will really popularise this sport.


Other than chess, my hobbies are making professional paper planes (which glide over 100ft) , Computer programming (https://scratch.mit.edu/users/teju17/) , Making kites ,Playing the piano, Building ingenious but useless stuff out of cardboard (Like a bubble machine which got soggy and broke the first time) Etc!


My recent 'Big' win:


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I'm not going to make this a looong profile cuz, come on, Let's all save e-paper!

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