If you want to take a look at the team before joining, go here

Much of you my friends don't know, but reason I'm in is variants. I joined because of 4 player chess. In that time, did not existed.

Let's talk about some ones


But not a candidate master, a chaturaji master.

I play fianchetto opening unless my right plays checker/degenerate opening (i play standard opening)

I'm Co-founder of 8 player chess (8PC)

I want to tell history.

There are some older variants, i will feature @e4bc4qh5qf7 s 25x25 board with 3x3 Hole in middle.

I'm Co-founder of shamrock 8pc (name from creator @HighEldar)

I fastly created a rating system which is currently used.

That's why I'm SA.

Even liked the idea and made the club official, with condition of making a variants admin SA 

We choosen e4bc4qh5qf7

It is official now and I am developing an app, connected to  @glo_1's website. He is developing a website and at moment has a sandbox for position editing and image saving for our forum play.

And also A daily server now!

And for programming, staff gifted me and glo_1  a 30 day 💎 membership.

It's quite a fun game.

Singles, pairs and teams 

Rated and unrated

Try out!

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