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I'm wearingpajamas... call me pajama, NOT WEARING


Here are some stuff about me (Idk what bio is for... ig biography/ about)

Dont make me mad cuz i am already sad about my friendd

Stuff i advise you not to do:

1. Invite my alt to any clubs --> @Hideyoshi_Nagachika

2. Inviting me to a club that i already quit (if u dont know, then its fine)

(More hates coming soon...)


1. Reading manga

2. Grilled Chicken

3. Pajamas

4. Investigating the 'art of water'

5. Reading fantasy novels


1. Clocks

2. Sleeping (Idk whats the point of pajamas then)

3. Instrumental

4. Visiting Sydney, Aus

5. Going to someone's house, realising they're not home


Brilliant Chess League
Brilliant Chess League ১,৫১৯ জন সদস্য
League Of Villains
League Of Villains ৪৯৩ জন সদস্য
International team1
International team1 ১১৪ জন সদস্য
Test55555 ৭ জন সদস্য
The United Chess Nations
The United Chess Nations ৭,২৯৮ জন সদস্য