I have been playing chess since 1985. However, I still make pretty bad mistakes sometimes. Weeding refers to removing weeds due to the landscaping I am involved in. It is not a reference to drugs. The 45 in my name was my age when I opened my account. I am older than that now. I look much younger than that in my picture, I know. I am not allowing myself to be invited into any more clubs and I am not allowing it to let people challenge me. I have my hands full as it is. Besides chess I like to read and draw. I never went to art school but I find it relaxing. I drew this whale and the squid you see here.  

'It's cool to be a nerd.' --Arsenio Hall. 

ONE WORLD League ৫৬৫ জন সদস্য
Little Big Pawn
Little Big Pawn ৬১২ জন সদস্য
NAMASTÉ ৯১০ জন সদস্য
Earth Air Fire Water
Earth Air Fire Water ৫১০ জন সদস্য
Little Big Pawn HQ
Little Big Pawn HQ ৯ জন সদস্য