Magnus' Kingdom of Chess

A group for all levels of players, just looking for fun, advancement, and challenge. You are welcome here!

Here we bring together all those who aspire to show or improve their chess abilities in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere.

We concentrate on Daily matches, both in Leagues and Leagues against other teams.

We have a strict policy against cheating. We ask that engine users not to apply.



We need more good, talented, amateur and brilliant professional players in the Magnus' Kingdom club. If you dab on the like button, dab on the join button! Click here.



We hope you join us

"Magnus Kingdom Club"

This is all our Royal Menu you can enjoy if you join this club 

1. We can play fun and enjoy many tournaments, Live live.png, Vote Chess votechess.png, and Daily daily.png for all rating. sometimes we hold certain events playhand.pngstats.png, don't miss the prizes from the tournament, the prizes are free premium membership (diamond.pngplatinum.pnggold.png)  and custom medal (tournaments.pngtrophies.png) , we also have a system to prevent cheaters explorer.png devices.pngcomputer.png , so you can get it with fair play draw.png  happy.png

2. You will get more new friends and making solid friendship, together is better than alone ^_^

Image result for friendship

3. You will get Training Facilities, you can play daily puzzle tactics.png, we are make it for you, from the games of any Grand Master Players and Best Players, and you can make a request about training againts any high rated players in our club lessons.png

4. You can Share any stories, experiences, about your life, anything!, as long it can be tolerated, we will make sure, our club like your home, you will feels comfortable and feels safe, and we will become your family, our admin will be your mother and father, all members like your sisters and brothers clubs.png


5. You can watch or read any contents like videos and informations, funny things, interesting and useful, all about chess

My tips

6. our special news from GM Magnus Carlsen 

up to date chess news, tips and tricks from him.

GM Magnus Carlsen, you can see him, check this link in

We will waiting for you to become our family 

Do you have trouble joining this club, have you been thrown out of this club? then the reason is that you are a spammer or are a member of 2-3 active spam clubs and it qualifies for exclusion and permanent ban.

Are you a admin ore a SA in 1 spam club= We do not accept members who are against any one of's community policies, Please have a look at before joining this wonderful club.

We ban those who go against them, either because they take unfair advantage of spamming club advertisements on members' profiles, do not try to cheat in games.

We respect members who are fair, and follow the community guidelines.


Regards ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯


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