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21. aug 2011.
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prije 1 sat
@kebeal, working this weekend and should be back to play chess the next weekend.
prije 14 sati
For anyone interested, I have set up a "Daily" chess tournament for the club I help with back in Wisconsin. I don't think there is any restriction that requires you to be a member of that club (I can invite you directly if there is). More details are available in the link. One clarification is that each section is a double-round robin, but you only play one game at a time against each opponent. https://www.chess.com/tournament/orca-daily-tournament-1
prije 18 sati
I have a doctors appointment Saturday morning so im not sure if i can make it. But i will try and swing by after if i have time. Saturday is supposed to be very cold and windy, so if you do plan on going DRESS WARM! For those who are brave enough to come out: 10:00 am at Veterans Park 4140 Coronado Pkwy, Cape Coral, FL 33904
prije 4 dana
prije 4 dana
Thank you to everyone who came today. It was a little cold and windy but thanks for toughing it out.