The Blitz Chess League

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1- What is the Blitz Chess League?
2- What seasons can I play in?
3- What is the schedules ?
4- What are the time controls?
5- How long are the Arenas and how many rounds in Swiss?
6- How do I win a gift or become champion?
7- What is the gift?
8- Where can I see the rankings?
9- How does the pointing system work?
10- What happens if there is a tie for first at the end of a season?
11- Can I play in team matches?
12- Can I post on the club's front page?
13- Where can I chat with other members?
14- What about Daylight saving time changes?

15- What Is the blitz chess league twitch channel?


1- The Blitz Chess League is trying to pioneer how basic leagues should function on Allowing average chess players the opportunity to play for something more than just a digital trophy or certificates. The opportunity to become Champion, win memberships and clothing from the shop. We're a individual's league using the time control of 3 or 5 minutes with no added time in all it's Arena and Swiss events. We also follow the true meaning of 'league' and are willing to unite as allies to compete in friendly team matches. 

2- We have a OPEN ARENA season and a U1600 Swiss format season.


3- All times are in Coordinated Universal Time = (UTC) PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL TIME ZONE


4- We use 5 minutes with no add-on (5|0) for every single one of our tournaments in both Arena and Swiss formats.


5- The Arenas are one hour long (60min) and a max of 7 rounds in Swiss tournaments.

6- Only the first place finisher's of tournaments will receive gifts and only the yearly arena tournament winner will become a BCL Champion.

7- The first place finisher of the OPEN ARENA will get the opportunity to chose between a 1-year Diamond subscription to or receive the hoodie and a T-shirt of the winners choosing from the store on

8- You can find the top rankings on the club's front page and find all members with points on this news post. -

9- 1st Place gets 10 points - 2nd Place gets 5 points - 3rd Place gets 3 points, Points are updated on Sundays. (Starting next year, it's going to go by Arena points)

10- In case of a tie for first, a 2 game match between the winners would take place the following week to determine the sole winner of the season.

11- Yes! I will never accept a team match that is not Open for everyone to join in.

12- Yes! I hope you do, it's always fun to see the post active and positive.

13- You can find the Blitz Chess League's chat room in Live Chess. Admins of the league are always in the chat room when playing live and are always willing to chat.

14- We do adjust to Daylight saving changes. So if you live with no daylight saving, expect a change of one hour. November 3, 2019 - Daylight Saving Time Ends.


15- The BlitzChessLeague Twitch Channel was set up for the league's commentary. We do commentary streams for our arena's. The commentary is concentrated on the average chess player on which is around 1050. We do not believe in complex commentary, following lines that are not even available anymore. We do simple move-by-move commentary for average chess player while following the top boards in our arena's. 


If you break this rule, you'll be ban from

CHEATING - If you cheat by engine use or by sandbagging or any other form of cheating. You will be reported to There is no place for cheaters in this league.

Accumulated warnings will lead to a ban from the Blitz Chess League. Breaking the following rules will lead to a warning.

- Our chats are filled with positive vibes and it's going to stay that way. We don't want ignorant comments or vulgar insults.

- The Blitz Chess League is not a place to debate or discuss religions and politics.

PROMOTING ANOTHER CLUB- There is a proper etiquette when it comes to advertising another club. Please do not post your promoting club on the Blitz Chess League's front page.

- There is also proper etiquette when it comes to a suspected cheater. Do not publicly accuse someone of cheating. Please just report that person to and if they are cheating, they will be ban. Nobody wants to be accuse of cheating when they are clean.