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Arizona/Alaska, Sjedinjene Američke Države
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1. mar 2012.
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   United States Naval disabled conflict era Veteran:  Grenada. Nothing is sacred here.  So there it is! Chapter two:  


frustrated.png "May we take the field of honor, protect the rights and freedoms our ancestors died to give us, and SLAY with pride until a victor has emerged".. By:  Keven Stitt   

HOW I SEE PEOPLE REACT TO WALKING INTO MY APARTMENT:   It is very interesting, which by the way, due to health I still have about 150 more that need to be hung up, that when you walk in here there is a moment of almost sheer terror in people.  Within 10 minutes, there is a calming effect, to the point that people I have just meet feel at home, and relaxed, because they know they are safe.  Some for the first time in many months.  Right now I have turned my attention to my newest goal:  That is to make the fire department as scared to come here as the police!


A few pearls of chess wisdom.  You will rarely ever see me wish another chess player GL, good luck.  There is no luck in chess..  Chess is not a team sport and win or lose you are the only one accountable.  It is an "old Wive's tale" that playing often and against better players will make you a great chess player.  This is a truthful lie. The only way you will get better at chess is to study, Dailey.  In doing so the above Wive's tale then becomes the truthful part.  With study, you will most definitely get better at chess by playing often and better players.  Most people would stop here and be happy, but I am not happy until I blow holes in everything to make sure it is dead.  If you play baseball, or go bowling everyday, you get better, almost everything you do in repetition improves ; well, because of the repetition"  But not cheese!.  Why?  Understanding the why is the reason for having to study:  a conundrum.

And the circle completes.  There is no luck, only preparation, the ability to see, and understand what your opponent is doing, in doing so you can react with the proper response.  These are conditioned reflexes and can only be learned from study.  The player who never studies, but plays a lot, is doomed because they will continue to make the same mistakes, over and over again. this is because they have not made themselves aware of the proper responses to his opponents moves. Study is as honorable as the game of chess itself is.

Words of wisdom about Marijuana and playing chess while stoned:  

I Have to strongly disagree with you Gentlemen on this subject.  Chess is a battle of the minds and, of course, the most prepared mind will be victorious.  Even the basics of chess require mental memory and effort to retain, let alone excel in.  Pot in general is the defining backlash against all things in chess that be good. It makes you tired, lethargic, and unable to grasp complicated problems and concepts.  Those that will counter me with "It helps me focus and concentrate", must realize that it is called tunnel vision for a reason and it's cartoons that only hold your attention.  I believe that cartoons have serious lessons in them to be learned, but filling in the Grand Canyon with a shovel, will not stop your opponents army from capturing you.  Add that with the fact that many of our chess members are Veterans and you open wide the doors of paranoia.  Your opponents advance could trigger a horrific flashback to the time that you lived your life without drugs, and the impending PTSD, would no doubt force your retirement of your King and Army all awhile your being confused as to why Willey can never catch that really fast bird.  Of course this will lead you to depression, anxiety, and reclusion, well, wait a minute{  That's why you started getting high in the first place, remember?

I would like to add a couple shouts out:  Thank you 
Godsoriginalfool for your gracious compliment to my humor intended rambling.  Thank you DeirdreSkye for your intense tirade on my humorously intended  sarcastic rambling.  It is people like you who so often remind me that a job half done is not a job done at all.  I accept full responsibility and apologize to all up front.  In my haste to be seemingly clever, and with thus knowledge of the intelligence that comes with those that play chess on a site like this, I failed to perceive that there may actually, truly, be stoned members who would need proper warning to the fact that this verbiage is indeed humor, sarcasm, wit and irony, and I shall thusly {sic} post as such in the future.

Readers ad humor, sarcasm, wit, and irony.

With Sincerity;

Albert Einstein 

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