Welcome to my profile, I am Roopak.

I like making new friends and reading books.
My girlfriend is Isabela and my BFF too

In this world there are some people who need you as a friend so whenever you see or meet this type of people always be a good friend to them. The thing I like about is I can chat or play with people over the world. 

We should be kind to all and whoever needs a good friend and wants to befriend I am always there for you and will be happy to be friends.
It's good to have many friends but the friends you have should be good and if they are good we should also be very nice to them. Kindness is a very important moral value. Human is a social animals so we need friends but remember to make good ones.
If you want to play with me then send me a 3 or 7-day challenge as I feel its better

Our life is like a boat in a vast ocean where there will be no one to help you. You need to accept the challenges and need to survive till you reach your destination. Never ever expect from anyone as if they can't complete it hurts us. Always have trust in your parents. Parents are god for me. They always teach us what's good. No one else will tell you this so always respect and take care of your parents.
If anyone wants to play with me send me challenge and I only accept 2 request per day
That's all thank you for visiting my profile and if liked my message then send me a message.

Also, my birthday of 14 June so please wish. 
Thank you have a great day!