Hey! Thanks for looking in my bio! My name is Jeron Xiao, and currently 11 and I'm in Riverside STEM Academy. Also, my birthday is on September 20th and the year is 2012. My Zodiac Sign is Virgo and my Chinese New Year Zodiac Sign is a Dragon. (No wonder I love dragons). I love sports and do pretty well. My favorite color is Red or Blue and also, my favorite airline is Hainan Airlines! Thank you for your time and make sure to give me something! Bye! This is currently my second account because my first got blocked by my school but bye and thanks for looking in my bio! happy.png

Chess accounts: GMHainanairlines6194

Chess Kid: BlueRaspyBanana

: "To people is above average, one can impart higher things, if a human is average, one cannot impart higher things".

"If a man works hard, he may get greater rewards, but to a man who is lazy, he cannot get great rewards".

"The gentleman is broad-minded, and the small-man is narrow-minded".

"Appreciate Everything Around You, Before They All Turn Into Nothing But Good Memories"

Goals for 2024:

Reach 1000 Daily, Rapid, Bullet, and possibly Blitz

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Play more chess

Friends: (If they are main friends or important friends I will add them here) Remind me if I forgot to add you!





















@Alecisverycool a guy who is lying a lot and annoying

Small Profile:

Gender: Male

Height: 4'11

Favorite food: Almost Anything

Dream Career: Pilot, aerospace engineer, GM chess player

Favorite subject: Math

Birthday: 9/20/2012

Video Games: PUBG (In America) or Peace Keepers Elite (In China) or free games.

School: Riverside STEM Academy

Nationality: American-Chinese

Favorite Drinks: Milk Tea, and more Chinese tea.

Favorite Color: Red, Blue, and Green

Sports: 50-100 Meter dash or they call it Sprinting, Basketball, Baseball, tennis, Table Tennis, Handball, Badminton, and more!

Grades: Math A+, Reading A, History A, Science A, PE A+, Chinese A+.

Old Account: @Hainanairlines6194

Favorite Countries: China, America

Best Chess game:

(This Part is still under construction.)

Reminders: Add more stuff to the about me

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Clubs: (Clubs that I am active in or love) Find me in them!

- Cheesers Cheeters -

Team China 中国队

AngelaPlayzChess Friends and Fans

Shining Smiles ツ

Union of Rising Phoenix Achievement Hunters


Wolf Gang

Venti's Inn

Genshin Impact

The Dragon Chess Warriors

Dead clubs I was in: 

History Club Official: The owner (The_Grey_Wolf17)closed and club became inactive.

The Dragon Chess Warriors: The owner (TheRiseOfTheDragon) closed and club became inactive. (Back in the club and club is no longer inactive)

Achievements, tournament wins, etc: 

First tournament won on Jul 27, 2023, 5:43 AM with Record of 2-1-0

First tournament Top 2 on July 4, 2023, 7:45 PM with Record of 2-1-0

First tournament Top 3 on July 12, 2023 with Record of 2-1-0

Tournament Top 3 on August 3, 2023, 6:50 AM with Record of 2-1-0

Tournament Top 3 on August 4th, 2023 6:00 AM with Record of 1-1-1

Tournament Top 3 on April 13th, 2024 12:31 PM with Record of 2-1-0

Club Banners:

Pictures or Memes: (Every once in a while I will add something)


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Note: I'm in School right now so I probably won't be online except on weekends and sometimes friday. I would also only get on weekdays to check my daily games and puzzles.

Please do not try to friend me if you have not spoken or had a social interaction with me. I would mostly accept friend requests, but please try to follow this rule, I will end up with useless "friends" on that I will never talk to.

Favorite People:

The Captain, The Dragon, The Dictator, the Hexagon Warrior, and The Greatest of All Time,

Ma Long!

A Description of Hainan Airlines:

Favorite Videos:

Favorite Music:

The Amazing Digital Circus - Your New Home

The Amazing Digital Circus - Main Theme

Clarx - H.A.Y | Electro Swing

Bounce instrumental [prod. joyful x frozy]

Baixo - XXanteria

Crystals - pr1svx

不问ciaga -指尖笑

SWIN - 只因你太美

一笑江湖 (DJ弹鼓版)

Fluxxwave - Clovis Reyes

陽光彩虹小白馬 - 大張偉

My Ordinary Life-The Living Tombstone

Tequila - IAMTRA$H

TETRIS PHONK · sma$her 

Xxanteria, Isq - Funked Up

SDP Interlude - Travis Scott


About me last updated on 5/28/2024.

2023 was over while I had this account.