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Welcome to my profile. explorer.png  Meow its me below my bf drew me  /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

My bf created this. Simple but so sweet  tongue.png

This is my cat Ming

My favorite song gold.png 

Zany_taco is true artist.

Hello, my name is Sella. I am an 18 year old girl. May 31 is my birthday. my current activities now, I am a student at University, majoring in nursing, Always thank god.

I have lichess account too. You can find it in lichess.

Please Join this club. Heres the link and this club

You have chance to get free premium membership . If you join that Magnus chess corner, but if you want chatting and talking join Happy family club. See you there, And thanks to

He is he is a generous, loving person, and top gifter, the number 1 in

And thank you so much, to the staff of give me free diamond premium membership 

And if you a girl or woman, join this club, im one of SA in there, this really my favorite club and home, for ladies,  men or boys not allowed to join, we have system to detect fake girls want pretend to be girl to get real girl anttention, we have own rules, please respect our rules. 

Keep play and be nice

For female hunters. Im so sorry. Im just want to play chess

Maybe you guys should read this blog

I have a bf, his name Emmanuel

I have a sister, my older sister

And the last my cute friend, Taiga,

Maybe thats all about me.

You all can be friend with me. But if you are abuse i will report it or blocked you.

Heres a video for pervert guy