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7. apr 2018.
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Hi guys I'm rcu21 here and I'm 13 years old. I am from Bangladesh but currently live in the U.S. I am very active here on chess.com. Some of my favorite clubs on chess.com that you should join are:

1. Liverpool Fans - This is a club for people who are fans of the club Liverpool FC. I am a huge fan of them and I'm sure there are many out there also who are big fans. Here we discuss events going on with the actual team and also have daily matches against other clubs that participate in the WFL. 

2. The Super Fun Club - This club is fairly new but is still a great club. We have lots of fun and have special events here often like the world cup and crazyhouse championship. We are still growing at this club but hope to become a great club here on chess.com.

3. The Golden 64 Squares-Anyone who is in love with the 64 squares is welcome to join the club. We are a club for people who wants to improve while having fun. We will organize leagues and variant championships. This is also a club to make friends in and share strategies and openings! 

4. Chess World Cup - I am the owner of this club so its pretty cool. It is like the soccer world cup with 32 teams and 11 players per team. We have seasons and the time controls are 3|0 and 3|2. Please join that club. 

5. The Intermediate Blitz League - This club is for people rated 1200-1800 which categorizes them as intermediate. The club is divided into 4 teams. Each week there is a live match between teams. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins. If you decide to join this club, also join my team: Team Magnus IBL

6. Ultra Bullet Chess League - Well if theres one thing I'm best at in chess , its Ultra Bullet ! grin.png Now heres a message from the club to get you to join : "Ever wanted to play Ultra Bullet Chess (Really fast chess) but couldn't play 'cause there weren't enough players? Then this club is the perfect place for you! We have a lot of great segments like the UBKC 2019 which has already started. Players like GM Arjun Erigaisi, IM thelegend759 and many experts have already participated. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try by joining https://www.chess.com/club/ultra-bullet-chess-league."

7. Not So Pro Blitz Chess League - This club is divided into teams. The teams play each other in live blitz matches of 5|0 and 3|2. I play for the team TSFC here. 

8. Team Bangladesh - I am from Bangladesh so I decided to join this club. There are regular Live Team Matches and Daily Team Matches. I would recommend this club if you are from Bangladesh.

Heres what i think of the types of time controls:

  • Blitz-I play blitz a lot too. Blitz kinda does improve your chess i think because my rating has gone up quite a bit and i feel like im better after playing tons of 3 minute games. I do not play blitz with increment so dont challenge me with increment. 
  • Rapid-I dont really play rapid anymore besides for NSPCL because its too long and i dont feel like playing long games since i dont have time and im too lazy.
  • Daily-I currently have too many daily games going on at the moment so dont challenge me to a daily game please and i most likely wont join your team match or your tournament if it is daily except for in rare cases. Sorry!

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